Stupid people

Yeah ... but it's hard to stay pissed off at [stupid] people. They
can't help it, and too often they aren't even aware of it.

There was a guy in 7th Army Special Services in Vaihingen, Germany,
when I was there, who thought he was a great opera singer. This is a
true story. I don't know how he got there .. he couldn't sing or act
at all. But he was in the musical company ... maybe he was a prop man
or gaffer or something. I was in the repertory company, and we didn't
travel together, so I wasn't all that familiar with the musical

Anyway, we all lived in the same barracks when we were back at home
base, and this hallucinatory opera singer was often there. Some of
the guys used to ask him to sing an aria. He knew the tunes and
lyrics to a lot of tenor parts, and loved to perform, so he'd stand
up on a foot locker and deliver an aria ... in a squeaky little
off-key voice, flat on all the high notes and sharp on all the low
ones. Sometimes he wasn't even singing a melody, just a wavering
squeak. He wasn't merely tone deaf, he didn't even have a voice to
speak of.

It was so embarrassing I always found reason to be elsewhere when
they did that to him. I actually thought of bashing one of the mean
bastards in the nose, once ... but the singer didn't realize he was
being teased ... he thought everybody admired him and loved his
singing ... and I couldn't bring myself to interfere with the
illusion he got so much pleasure out of, so if I was caught in the
barracks when it happened, I'd clap with the rest.

The guy who did that movie looks like he is in a similar category,
except he thinks he's a comedian.