Stealth Keywords

 >The raw idea is correct, the trick is: spider programms can mimic to
>send "usual" human "id-codes" so no server can detect them.
>Even better: if a spider sends "human" ids and in a second step the
>spider's ids and compares them...

I wish you all would quit talking about spiders. Gives me the creeps.
I have seen spiders ... big ones. One time when I was deer hunting
with several friends, we stupidly pitched our 10 man army tent near a
creek, just before the rains began. We ditched around our tent and
dug a little ditch to carry the water away so that we remained dry
inside. What that meant was, we had the only dry ground in the

Sometime in the night, I heard a loud scream. Someone turned on the
light ... we had a little electric generator that kicked on instantly
when you threw a switch. The light came on to illuminate forty or
fifty big tarantulas climbing up the walls of the tent and over our
cots. One of them had walked across my uncle's face in the dark ...
the source of the scream. We spent the rest of the night standing up,
swatting tarantulas. I'll never forget it.