GoLive And Volvos

 Yes. Install GoLive from the CD into a different folder. Then drag the JS over to your old one. Back up your preferences file first. I think it might get replaced. I always keep three preference backups, and when GoLive starts acting funny, just replace the active one for the hell of it. Might be one of the reasons I don't get all the weird problems people report. Or maybe it is just magic. Probably is. I'm the same guy who talked his 1965 Volvo out of having a thrown piston rod after it had already come loose, and drove it another 100,000 miles. These are not just inanimate arrangements of Matter, Energy, Space and Time that we use. They are our companions and they have spirits and personalities.

But I'm rambling.

Yes, you can replace your Actions, and other Javascripts in the manner above.

Good luck.