Lions and Porpoises

Yes, but it's Friday. Time for Cabbages and Kings. Did you read about the zookeeper at the San Francisco Zoo who was arrested recently for acting upon his beliefs about sex and children?

It seems the dolphins in the Aquarium in Golden Gate Park were occasionally indulging publicly in sexual activity that he thought should not be witnessed by the children who frequented the place. So, knowing that dolphins consider sea gulls a delicacy, and that sea gulls are loaded with natural saltpeter, and saltpeter suppresses the sexual urge, he was feeding seagulls to the them daily. But the only way he could sneak them into the dolphins' exhibit tank was through the lion cage behind the Aquarium, and he even had to hop over the lion to get to the dolphin tank.

Fortunately, the lion was elderly and rather sedate, so he had no trouble in jumping over him in order to carry a sea gull or two through the lion's cage to toss into the dolphin tank: but that was the legal technicality that got him in trouble. It wasn't PETA, the animal rights extremists. It was the police who arrested him for multiple violations of the Mann Act ... transporting gulls across the staid lion for immoral porpoises.

... Doug