It depends on how you like your English seasoned.

Did you hear the one about Rajipur, who was interviewing for a
telephone support job?

Personnel manager says, "Now, Rajipur, I want to give you a quick
English test here. I want you to make up a sentence using the words,
"Green", "Pink" and "Yellow". Tell me when you are ready."

Rajipur answers, "I am ready."

"Go ahead, then."

" Alright. The phone goes 'green', 'green', 'green', and I pink it up
and say, yellow, this is Rajipur."

But when you call GoLiveHost, they answer "G'day, mate ... got a
few Kangaroos loose on the top paddock? We 'll have a go at that and
get it handled any tick o' the clock."