Interesting talk with guy using Apple's design

It looks to me like the designer gave the client what he wanted. I
forget how this thread started, and have not read very many of the
posts on it, but I seem to recall that the client wanted something of
the sort and asked for it. The designer supplied it with a motif from
Apple's site, which I wouldn't have done because it's too obvious and
I wouldn't want to have to listen to all the complaints from other

Where to draw the line is a matter of opinion and rather subjective.
I wouldn't put an apple with a bite out of it on my logo, but I've
used that stripy background several times now.

It's an ancient custom, copying. That's where the song Jinglebells
came from, you know. Abdullah's Used Camel Lot at the corner of Main
and The Old Silk Road in Samarkand, put little bells on the camel
harnesses. By the next year every camel from Cairo to Cathay wore
them. The Three Wise Men's camels came jingling into Bethlehem with
bells on, and the rest is history.

In any given year, automobiles look so much alike that unless you
study them, you can't tell which brand you are looking at. Go to any
period of art, any medium. The music is much the same no matter who
wrote it, the paintings are much the same no matter who the painter
was, and so on. Even cooking is mostly copying from others and
adding one's own frills. There are cultural ponds, but within those
ponds they all copy each other. Mexican food. Chinese food. Creole
..... mmmm, good, if you can handle it.

When I was a kid, my mother hired a Creole woman for a housekeeper
and cook. Her name was Lu, she wore a bandanna, and she always called
me "Cher". She used to read our tea leaves and palms and she our told
fortunes with funny looking cards. I loved her. But she did not think
it was possible to cook without a liberal helping of Cayenne in every
dish. At first, it burned my mouth, but I got used to it after awhile
and I still put it on my food today. But my mother was unable to
adjust. She asked, then ordered, and finally pleaded with Lu to leave
out the Cayenne, to no avail. Finally, when Lu went home for the
night, Momma threw the can of Cayenne into the garbage.

Next day, the food was full of Cayenne again. Momma asked Lu where
she had gotten it. She had gone to the store and bought a large can
of it with her own money, because she couldn't cook without it.
Wouldn't have been Creole, anyway.