Statistics Again...

 In response to the claim the majority of consumers already have the Shockwave Player, and the majority of these already have the current player, with another million new audience members added every 3-4 days.

Hmmm .... well, let's see ... a million every four days sounds good
... but how many people are there on the planet now? The web counter
I just consulted < >said 6
billion, 133 million and change, and it was ticking away so I
couldn't keep up with it. So I timed it. Approximately 171 new bodies
every minute. That's 246,240 a day, or about 15,000 short of a
million in 4 days, during which a million new shockwaves will be
downloaded. I didn't see anything on the death rate, but old geezers
usually don't use computers much so maybe we can ignore them for a
few years until the teenage geeks of today catch some years, and get
on with the calculation. So, let's see. ...

That means Shockwave is only catching up with the population at the
rate of 15,000 a day. At that rate, it will take half a million years
to get everybody using it ... but that isn't really accurate because
this is not a straight line graph ... it is accelerating. Anybody
good with calculus?