But time charges on.
The Jeep windshield that lay flat on the hood so you could shoot
rabbits easier, is gone forever, and so are vent wings. No more
windshields that cranked up a bit to let in some air while keeping
the bugs out of your teeth. No spark advance and fuel mixture on the
steering column or dashboard to let you manually tickle the engine
into a few more mpg, or a little more power for hard pulling. No
crank for those dead battery days. No more vertical sides with a
little rain gutter on top so you can crank down the glass when it's
raining without having it pour right into your lap through a window
that is slanted up toward the sky to receive all it can get. No more
16 and 17 inch wheels to straddle stumps and big rocks. I used to be
able to fix anything on my engine with a few wrenches and
screwdrivers. Now, when I open the hood, I can't even find the engine
among all the mysterious gadgets.

People nowadays, dazzled by fast cars with pretty bodies that don't
require you to wear a cap, goggles and duster, don't know what they
are missing.