Flies and roaches

(Thread: You don't always need a bigger hammer. I find that depends on the size of the fly you want to swat. I'll give you a dollar for every fly you can swat with a hammer

There is a trick to it. First you have to get them drunk. Then you
put a piece of tape over the fly so he doesn't move, and THEN you
swat him with a sledgehammer.)


Sort of like the New Patented Roach Poison.

Fellow buys a can of it and sprinkles it around in the corners under
the sink and so on. Doesn't bother the roaches at all. So he goes
back to the store to get his money back. The sales clerk says, "I
don't understand. It has always worked perfectly for me. How did you
use it ?"

" I just sprinkled it in the places where the roaches are."

"Oh, no wonder. That's your problem. You have to catch the roach and
pour a bit of the poison in his mouth. Then the roach will die."

"My god, man, if I go to all that trouble, I might as well just step
on the roach."

"Well, sure, you could do that, but it wouldn't be scientific."