Human Emotion

Thanks. That's better. I much prefer anecdotal evidence. It is far
more trustworthy than all the lingua bifurcata scientific studies you
can shake a stick at. Sometimes I wonder if the ones who do it are
actually being devious or if they just don't understand the problem.
I remember one time reading in the paper that the psych department at
the University of Chicago had spent a $150K research grant on
studying human emotion and made the discovery that a person who was
afraid would no longer be afraid if you made him angry. I would have
been glad to tell them that for half that amount, and demonstrate it
in the real world to prove it.

But speaking of the Real World ... pun intended ... I guess I have
been so impressed by the bad quality of the Real video stuff I've
seen on the web ... for example, the network news sites ... that I
thought it was an inherently low quality item. But you are saying it
will stream five minutes of the same identical high quality video
that QT can stream in two?

... Doug