Germans are very exacting,
you know, unlike Americans.

For example, there was an old joke about an international conference
of zoologists, where several zoologists from different countries
while visiting the Zoo discussed the fact that very little literature
had been written about camels.

So they agreed they would remedy the situation and each would write a
book on camels upon returning home.

The American published his book first: "Breeding Bigger and Better
Camels for Fun and Profit"

A few months later, the French scientist's book was released: "Le
Chamois et son Amour"

Then the Englishman finished his book, "Camel Hunting in the Colonies".

Nine years later, the German's book finally came out:

Band 1, "Ein Palaeontologischen Geschichte der Kamele "
Band 2, "Das Kamel in der Klassischen Alter "
Bamd 3, "Das Camel im Mittelalter "
Band 4, "Eine Taxonomische Führer Camel Arten "
Band 5, "Das Kamel in der Modernen Deutschen Gesellschaft "