A man and his donkey

There was once an old man who took his grandson to the Fair. The boy
rode a donkey and the man walked beside.

They passed a group of people on the road, hearing them say, "How
awful. That healthy little boy gets to ride the donkey, and the poor
old man has to walk."

So he took the boy off the donkey and got on it himself.

The next group of travellers they passed complained, "How awful. That
grown man rides the donkey and makes the poor little boy walk."

So the man put his grandson on the donkey with him, and continued
toward the Fair.

Soon, they passed another group of travellers, who exclaimed, "How
awful. Both that cruel man and his cruel son are riding that poor old

So both of them got off and walked, leading the donkey.

The next experts they passed said, "Look, how stupid. They have a
perfectly good donkey, yet both of them walk."


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