Freelancers and Prejudice?

Not for web design, but for something else. Sometimes it went well and
sometimes it didn't. When it didn't I always had to admit that I had
noticed some little string or other right at the start that I should have
pulled to see what was on the end of it.

What I have found is that there are good ones, mediocre ones and poor ones
everywhere, and geography has nothing to do with it. Honesty, integrity,
intelligence and competence have everything to do with it, and there is no
substitute ... in this world or the next ... for good judgement.

Like the time friends told me not to go over the river to Villa Acua after
dark because I would get my throat cut, and I went anyway and got into a
poker game with some Mexicans in a Cantina and won all their money. I sat
there looking at all those pesos in front of me, recalled the advice and
said to myself silently: "Doug, this may be the dumbest thing you ever
did." Out loud, I said "I have to go soon, but I'll play three more hands
to give you a chance to win your money back" ... fully intending to lose
all three hands so as to get rid of that money and get home with my life.

A fellow across the table replied "Seor, you won that money fair and
square. If you gotta go, you go. And if you ever come back to Acua, you
come to this place. You'll find plenty of friends."

But then I had known that when I first met those guys or I wouldn't have
gotten into that poker game. It was my prejudiced Gringo advisors who had
lacked judgement, and whose well meaning but fearful advice, if followed,
would have prevented me from enjoying a nice friendly game and a bottle of
tequila with some very nice guys.

True story.

What I am trying to say is, if you use your natural ability to observe, and
follow your instincts, you should be able to pick some winners.