But you don't understand. I have worked hard all my life to get
weird, and now that I have attained a measure of it, I intend to keep
it. I was so proud at my High School 50 year reunion, when a gray
headed fellow I used to know as "Booger Red" when we were teenagers,
told me that in the old days he had thought I was weird.

> The Inspector is where I have always expected to find things in
> GoLive. Select something, look at the Inspector. The move away from
> that general rule is something which really annoyed me in recent
> versions of GoLive ;-)

Yes, but you are from the Old Country. Us poor Schmucks out here in
the Colonies are too iggernunt for established custom. We barely
speak English anymore.

It's a dead issue now, but had GoLive lived, I personally thought it
was nice to have the adjustment knob on the thing I was using at the