Being my own Geek

Reminds me of something one of my collectors told me once. He and his
wife had bought one of my paintings from a gallery and wanted to meet
me, so they called me up and bought me some eggs and bacon at a local
restaurant. It turned out that he was the chief engineer or whatever
his title was, of the ... I think it was JPL ... Jupiter orbiting
project. I had just recently gotten my first computer and was going
through the agony of learning to use Adobe Illustrator, I think it
was. The documentation seemed to be written for somebody who already
knew the program. It didn't even contain a glossary of its own special
terms. Like Painter.

So I asked this very highly educated and super competent computer
expert whose wife had bought one of my paintings, if it was just me or
the way the documentation had been written. He replied that at JPL,
when they got a new piece of software, they didn't even pay too much
attention to the provided documentation. What they did was to turn it
over to one of their resident Geeks, who stayed up all night figuring
it out, and then taught everybody else how to use it.

So that's what I'm doing at the moment. Being my own Geek.