Red Stripe on House

(thread on "visually speaking")

> I also prefer the brown site although I like the colors in the blue
> site so I would consider recoloring the brown site using the blue
> site's colors.

An interesting idea, but why blue? You could make it red. I always liked red. When my parents had a new custom house built, my mother asked me what color I wanted it painted. I said "Red", but she explained that she understood how children like red, but we couldn't paint the house red, and that white was a better color for a house.

I asked if we could paint it white, but have a red stripe around it, and held my arms out to indicate how wide a red stripe I meant ... about two feet. She agreed.

A few months later, when the house was completed, we drove over to see it. It was white, and there was no red stripe. She had betrayed me. She probably thought I would forget that promise, but I didn't and here we are now in the next century and I still haven't forgotten it.

Red is the color of cheer and happiness. People decorate their homes with red roses and put them in vases around the house, even on the dining table. Did you know anyone who decorates the dining table with brown roses ? I don't.

Tells you something about what brown is the color of, doesn't it!