Newbies and GL list

(Response to GL newbies who were complaining about the OT on the list.)

You all ought to stick around awhile and learn the local culture
before you begin trying change it.

* One of the main characteristics of the GoLive Talk list has, for
years, been that it contains some very creative people. That
fundamental, far-reaching fact distinguishes it from most other
lists. It is one of the reasons behind the things you like about it.

* You would surely find it enlightening were you to search of the
archives for the subjects of which you complain. They have been
discussed many times.

* Being, as you say, new arrivals, you have not yet had the chance to
gain the perspective that would tell you that you have entered upon a
golden age of GoLive Talk. Relax and enjoy the society. It is rare.

* If you want to keep getting golden eggs, you are just going to have
to put up with some honking, loose feathers and goose droppings.