Detail oriented clients

You gotta watch out for these "noticing clients." (detail orient client thread)

 I shot the main restaurant in an inn in The La Playa Hotel Resort in Carmel one time. It was beautiful, with windows all around three sides looking out on that magnificent Carmel Bay or whatever it was called.

Shot it with something like 40 #22 flash bulbs all strung together and synchronized. It took me most of the time between lunch and supper to get the lights all set up so there were no reflections in the glass and the lighting was balanced with the outdoors scenery so it looked natural and very pretty. I had to bracket the exposure 1/2 stop over and under. So that was 5 exposures, and about 200 #22 flash bulbs.

The photograph was beautiful and I was really proud of it. So when the film had been processed, I mounted all the photos in black cards and drove back up from Laguna Beach where I lived, to Carmel to show them to the manager. He liked them all except the restaurant. Understand this was 4x5 Anscochrome, so you needed a magnifier to see tiny detail.

He didn't need a magnifier. He looked at the restaurant shot with his bare eyeballs for about 5 seconds and said "There's a fork missing."

He was right. Nobody else would have ever noticed, but he did. There was no Photoshop back then. I had to shoot the whole restaurant all over again, complete with the 200 #22 flash bulbs.