Rewrite the rules

(Response to rule writers)

Reminds me of when I was selling cars way back when - Oldsmobile came
out with a little car they thought was sporty, called the Calais. It
looked rather nice, except the rear window was slanted backward,
completely ruining the lines ... just apparently to keep the rain off
it. And if you wanted to set the hand brake, you had to first put the
transmission in Neutral "N" then pull up the handle ... at which
position you couldn't get it in Park. And when it was in Drive, you
couldn't get to the radio controls unless you were a midget lying on
the floor looking up.

By the way ... Ford finally got the Thunderbird right, nearly fifty
years after they turned it into a battleship ... and then they quit
making it altogether.

Oh, well. Asimov said, I think it was, that if you find something you
like, buy a lifetime supply, because they are sure to stop making it.
I hope they don't stop making tables.

<snip> Guess I was born to be old fashioned. Maybe that's why my favorite comic was "Out Our Way":

All gone now. I think I knew the last old time cowboy ... Scandalous
John Selman, foreman of the 6666 Ranch outside Stanford, Texas. He
insisted on a real chuck wagon for range work, and would not let the
cowboys bring their automobiles past the headquarters house. And they
loved him for it ... he had cowboys lined up halfway to Abilene,
trying to get jobs on the Four Sixes.