Feedback if you please?

 Thanks ...
Very nice. I like it. But you are obviously a city girl ... you left
the gate open.

I have been looking for the perfect font all day. Well, not *all*
day ... I was lazy ... we took a nice hike along the river with the

As for the perfect font, apparently, they haven't made it yet. (sigh)
Reminds me of the time I stayed up all night making the perfect print
for a show ... I was an apprentice at the time ...

Next morning the Master came in and found me cleaning up the
darkroom, with 50 (a whole box) of 16 x 20 prints hanging from
several "clotheslines" in the lab, because there was no other place
to put that many wet prints. He made some astonished remark, and I
explained that it had taken me all night, but I had finally made a
perfect print for the international exhibit in Chicago.

He said "Which one is it"?

I never found it.

Oh, well ... I found some fonts that look a lot better than what I
had. The client really likes that red, but I'll show him some other
colors, too.

Thanks. And thanks everyone else, too. I'll post a few more as soon
as I have got them done, and take a vote. Going to get some more of
that relaxation and rehabilitation tonight.


.... Doug