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(Thread: I have been surprised to discover the depth of the Scots-English animosity the semi-independent parliament hasn't cooled the fires?  I'm Welsh if you go back far enough, so I know that all is not sweetness and light in the United Kingdom. Ah, most of it's tongue-in-cheek. The problem is not the English, just their incredibly patronising media.)

Well, there is that. But isn't it English who work in and run their media?

I remember sitting in a little pub in Braintree one night where one
of them told me I was "A nice chap for an American", and obviously
meant it as a compliment. Another one on a train, asked me how I had
managed to get along living in Germany. When I told him I had learnt
to speak German, he replied "Hmph. If they want to talk to me, let
them learn English."

John Cleese summed up the attitude, when asked what he saw as the
major difference between England and America, thus: "We speak
English, and you don't."

I suppose I should qualify the above by disclosing that not only am I
a nice chap for an American, but that my family all came from
Scotland, and according to my Grandmother, one of our direct
ancestors, also named Douglas, fought the English alongside Robert
the Bruce at Bannockburn, and we have not forgotten.