Image theft

I've run into that kind of thing in a very personal way. It ended up
being a fateful joke on the rip off artist, though. It was when I
worked for a big advertising and industrial studio in Dallas. One day
the boss called me into his office and introduced me to a guy who was
applying for a job. The boss said he'd like my opinion of of his
photographic work, and pointed to the large light table where were
laid a dozen or so 8 x 10 color transparencies of my own work that I
had done right there at the studio we were standing in.

I said, "That's great photography. In fact, pardon my conceit, but I
thought the same thing when I shot them. Where in the hell did you
get them?"

He just turned, ducked his head and walked out the door.

Apparently, he had stolen them from the agency that handled those
accounts. It was nice of him to deliver them back to us.

Nothing like Poetic Justice, to make your day, I always say.