They Can Smell Fear...

 Also, relax about GoLive 5. A few people have had trouble. I had some
crashing trouble with GoLive 3 or 4, I forget which. I finally,
accidentally, and quite unrelatedly, bought Suitcase to manage my
fonts. While I was setting it up, I trashed all the fonts I had,
installed a new OS, which installed new System fonts, and replaced
all my other fonts from the original CDs. No more crashing. I must
have had a bad font or two or three. Another time I was having
crashing trouble with another program. It cleared up completely when
low-level reformatted my hard drive. In both cases, the problem was
with my computer, but it manifested in specific programs, so it was
very easy to conclude that the program was the cause. I have no
trouble at all with GoLive 5.0 crashing. Most people don't. I do have
trouble one or two times a week with one program or another crashing
or freezing ... Eudora, Netscape, Explorer, Flash, and assorted other
programs, and yes, GoLive 5 ... but no more than anything else. I am
about to back up everything I have on my drives onto CDs and do
another low level format. These drives have never had it done. I am
also going to replace all my fonts again, just on general principles.
Last time I did that, I didn't just get rid of crashing ... my
computer gained speed noticeably.

This kind of thing is not limited to software, not by any means.

A few people have trouble with anything, no matter what it is. Take
cars, for example. I have a 1982 car I bought new in 1981, it has a
quarter of a million miles on it, and the only serious thing that
ever went wrong with it, other than the usual maintenance items like
replacing spark plugs and brake shoes, is when my daughter shifted it
into first gear while going 70mph down a mountain road, and blew up
the transmission. I never figured out how she got it into first gear,
but she did. It has been a great car, dependable and economical, and
I love it.

On the other hand, my neighbor, two houses down the street, had the
very same model car. He hated it. He cussed about it all the time. I
don't know why he bought it in the first place. He had trouble with
it from the beginning. Everything went wrong with it. Things I never
heard of going wrong with a car went wrong with his. The instruments
in the dash board even quit working. The car finally gave up. I don't
know how many miles he got out of it because I didn't want to have to
listen to all the bad news if I asked him. I am still driving mine,
years later, and it is still running perfectly.

Remember the old saying about "be careful what you wish for"? Well,
that also applies to what you are afraid of. Don't dwell on it too
much. It tempts Fate. Better to whistle a cheerful tune while walking
through the cemetery under a full moon, and admire the workmanship on
the stones. If a ghost appears, talk to him, he is probably lonesome.
I knew a guy who hit a white face cow in the forehead with the flat
end of an axe under similar circumstances. In fairness, it was the
kind of situation to work on the mind of a superstitious person. We
had left him in the dark, sitting on a grave, leaning against a
tombstone, while we took the lantern down into a melon field to
rustle up possums, and chase them up the path where he was supposed
to catch them and stuff them into a burlap feed bag. This is true,
I'm not making it up. While we were gone, this Herford cow walked up
behind him and sniffed the back of his neck. He turned around and all
he saw was a white thing floating in the air beside the tombstone, so
just before his blood froze, he let fly with the axe and killed the

My dog, Katy is your basic fear case. Nothing bad ever happens to the
other two dogs, who don't fear very much in this world or the next.
Danny catches bees and wasps and chomps them. Katy, who is terrified
of them, doing her best to get out of the way, got stung by a bee
right in the middle of her eyeball, and the vet had to pull out the
stinger. If you are walking down the hall, and Katy sees you coming,
so as not to get stepped on, she quickly jumps right under your foot.
Rainer lies there confident that you will step around him, and has
never been stepped on yet.

If you are really afraid, then don't delete Golive 4 ... keep it and
install GoLive 5.0. If you have trouble with it, and can't resolve
it, you will still be able to use GoLive 4. But the odds are very
much in favor of GoLive 5 serving you well. Unless, of course, your
fear influences the Space-Time Continuum too much.