Brigadeer General Portrait

> Ultimately I don't care if the ad succeeds or fails.

I can't work like that. If I take on a job, I always want it to succeed, and it bothers me if it turns out in the end that it doesn't preform. If I don't care, I just can't get behind it enough to do a good job for the client. There have been a few incidents where I did something I didn't really give a damn about, when I needed the money, but it left a bad taste.

Of course, there was that time in the Army when I had to do a Dayroom portrait of a self important Brigadeer General, and he refused to cooperate. He just sat down and ordered me to take the picture. His exact words were "Take the picture."

So I shoved a 5 x 7 film holder in the camera, squeezed the bulb and said "Thank you, General."

He got up and stalked out of the room. My Lieutenant was aghast. "Why didn't you shoot some more? What if it doesn't come out ?" etc.

I assured him it would, went back to the lab and developed the scowl, then I set about retouching it. I took out every nice feature on his face. All the smile creases: gone. All the frown lines exaggerated. I even emphasized the scar on his cheek. But my efforts failed he liked it. It was exactly what he wanted.