Musical notes

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.....No, just get the next door neighbor to hit you over the head with a fence post. It will produce the same results and you might even survive. It will also be free.

Anyway, old school thinking. I prefer to work in subtler ways.

Fantastic recent quote from the inimitable Malcolm Tucker:

"These phones are amazing, aren't they? I've got an application that can throw grenades into people's dreams."

Now *that's* a scary guy...)


I did something like that, but without the special app.

Once when I was staying with some guys in Sea Org berthing down in L.A. , one of our roommates had a nice (for the times) 12 inch longplay turntable and hi-fi amp, with some big padded earphones so as not to bother the rest of us, and every night after going out for a run in the Hollywood Hills, would come in, do a few extra knee bends, fart loudly and then put on his earphones and slide under the covers to go to sleep listing to classical music. By the time the phonograph shut itself off he was always sound asleep with his earphones still on, muffling the street sounds of Hollywood Blvd.

I noticed he had a bunch of special sound effects records among the others. Maritime foghorns, Steam Locomotives, Factory Noises, Horse Race with the bugle to call the horses to the starting gate, Lion Roars, Air Raid with the sirens all the old radio sound effects. So being of a devilish mood one day, while everybody else was out, I put two of them on the bottom of the stack on his turntable. On top were the regular Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart.

That night after the routine fart, he climbed into his bunk and went to sleep listening to classical music.

Next morning he said "God, I had the weirdest dreams last night! It was crazy. I even had one about being on the Titanic when it hit the iceberg."