Organized organizationally

(Response to a thread about communicating with Adobe)

I think he was just trying to tell us the most effective way to get
our opinions heard by those who might be in a position to do

Everybody in an organization has his job, and it is organized
organizationally in a way intended to be effectively organized. It is
organizationally disorganized to have everybody running around trying
to monitor public opinion. Everybody wears his own hat, or is
supposed to. The guys on this list have answering questions under
their hats, but it isn't their whole job, and maybe not even a major
part of it.

That Adobe has a dedicated feedback contact says they are interested,
and I know from experience that they are, because I have thrice been
invited to attend customer feedback meetings ... twice with the
GoLive Team and once with the Photoshop team.

Since that is the way they are organized, it makes sense to do it
their way. You know ... when in Rome, eat spaghetti. Or, "England
for the English", as we used to say in India.