Right tool for the task

>So generally speaking, how do you do fluid designs with the Grid?

1) Lay out the elements you want in the table, as you want them to
be. You'll have to keep in mind which cells you want to be elastic,
and where they should be, by either putting in content or a content
placeholders (Text Boxes). You don't want to use a table on top of
the grid for that because it will give you nested tables.

2) Convert the grid to table either with GoLive or by removing the cool tags.

3) Edit it as a table from that point on.

But for that, why would you go to the extra trouble?. As in most
other things, you would want to use the one best suited for the task
at hand. The grid has its uses, and the table has it's uses. That's
why you have both tools.

I remember once when I ran a furniture manufacturing company, my
chief cutter got himself a little Japanese hand saw, with a bamboo
handle. I saw him out there on the shop floor cutting wood with what
looked like a toy to me, so I told him to please use the $30,000
table saw we had bought him, with the smooth sliding table top and
fence that was accurate to a thousandth of an inch, so he could get
some production done. He asked me to please observe him for a moment.
He grabbed a piece of molding, laid it along the side of a desk he
was making, and with a couple of fast strokes, cut it so cleanly and
exactly that it hardly needed sanding. It took about ten seconds.
Then he asked me how long I thought it would have taken him to set up
that big saw to do the same thing. I told him I got his point and let
him do it his way from then on.

After that, I bought one of those little Japanese hand saws for myself.