Painting the family house

>As to house colors, how come we have to be all drab and people in
>places like Nepal can paint things bright colors and it looks good?

They do that in other places, too.

>I've been wondering if it'd be possible to create the worn, layered
>paint look on some interior woodwork. Here we favor plain cedar

One of my early childhood psychic traumas was when my parents asked
me what color we should paint the new house they were having built,
and I said "Red". They told me that wasn't acceptable, so I asked for
at least a red stripe, and showed them how it should be ... a swath
about three feet wide, spiraling from the ground up, around the
house, to the roof. They agreed.

It was a huge disappointment when the house was painted plain white,
with no candy stripe.

I'm grown up now, live in a white house and by golly I can do it ...
but somehow it has lost its appeal.