Being "female"

>But as a writer and editor, I've always disliked "female" when used
>as a noun for humans.

I dunno, they really are female, you know. Personally, I am glad
they are female, and resent all the gobbledegook about Mz and Person.
It confuses the issue. My mother, who was a female, went to school
at the Baylor Female College in Waco, and was voted the most popular
girl on campus at Texas A & M, back in 1916 when they didn't have
resident females on campus and appreciated the ones who came to the
dances. Apparently, being female was OK back then. Besides which,
they had to work at it harder than the Persons of today. According to
my mother, the female, it was a 2 day trip by wagon from Waco to to
the dance in College Station where she met my father, a dashing young
Field Artillery officer, and male.

"So what?", you may ask. Well, what if she hadn't been female? I'd
have had a real problem getting born. You ought to be careful when
you express opinions on subjects you haven't experienced for yourself.