Eye Of The Beholder

 Hey, don't worry. Different strokes is it, as you say. I once babysat a gallery for a friend so he could get away for a vacation. He had hung a show of paintings that in my opinion had a long way to go before they could qualify as "art", but I kept my opinion to myself. A fellow came in to look, and stopped before a large pastel of an open mouth, with an epiglottis hanging over the throat and a bunch of people jitterbugging on the tongue. I thought it was interesting, in a psychoanalytical way, but definitely not anything I would want in my home. It wasn't even painted all that well. But this this guy stood there in his business suit just looking and looking. I felt I should say something, but was at a loss. Finally, I said,"You like that painting?"

He replied, "I sure do".

"Shall I wrap it up for you?"

"How much is it?"


"Will you take a check?"

So he went home with a big smile on his face, carrying his painting under an arm.