Floating Boxes And Volvos

 (Any suggestions?)

Yeah. Use a bigger sledge hammer. That's why I like the old fashioned brute force way of doing it, with an image or a table in the FB. I know it isn't refined, but it works. I think it will work for you, too.

I learned that from a Volvo mechanic years ago. I'd tried over and over to get my distributor timing set right, but it kept creeping out of adjustment. So I took my car in to the Volvo dealer, down the street from where I worked. At lunch time, I decided to go over and see how things were coming along, so I walked down the alley and into the shop's back door, just in time to see the mechanic bash my distributor with a small sledge hammer. The engine speeded up and smoothed out, he closed the hood and drove it to the parking lot. I was so amazed and intimidated that I didn't complain, even though it really made me mad.

But the thing is, it worked.