And The Switch Goes Where?

 Sorry .... I managed to crash while answering this and lost the original message.

Anyhow ... you make a good point. It is not a thing I ever ran into, but that's just because I never tried to do what your fellow is doing. It's probably an oversight, or the result of somebody's else request that inadvertently did something unanticipitated.

I'll never forget the time I designed a one man photo lab so I could turn off the lights in the outer room if I had to go out there and get something and wouldn't have to put away the film or photo paper. The contractor figured that was an obvious mistake: why would anyone want to turn the lights OFF before he went in a room? Anybody knows the only reason you would want such a switch would be to turn them ON so the room would be lighted when you opened the door and you wouldn't trip over a chair or sleeping dog. And it was obviously unnecessary to do that from an inner room, because if somebody were in there, he would have already turned on the lights. So he put the switch out in the hall where anybody walking by, could turn the lights ON in the darkroom.

You ought to put your Plain Text wish on the Golive Wishlist.

whoever you are ... sorry I lost you.