German Beer 2

Hrrmph. Well, maybe they will profit from *this* experience.

Speaking of Spam, here's some that is closer to home. At least it is
Adobe spam. It is about ESPN Magazine. What is that? Anyone know? I
know what ESP is, but I can't get the N.

There's a page on Adobe's website that says:

"Register your copy of Adobe GoLive today and you will be eligible
to receive a free three-month subscription (6 issues) to ESPN The
Magazine. Approximately two weeks after you register online you will
receive an email message from Adobe with details on how to access the
ESPN The Magazine web site. You must access the ESPN The Magazine web
site and register with ESPN before June 13, 2000 to receive your
subscription. Offer good in U.S. and Canada only. Offer subject to
withdrawal without notice. "

It still leaves out our buddies across the great waters, but, hey,
what can we do? Besides, it works both ways: they things we don't
have. For example, you still have to go to Germany go get a real
beer. When they import it into the US, our government agencies, who
can't manage to plug the cocaine holes in the border, dilute every
bottle of it so it tastes just like American beer.

I remember when I first arrived. This guy invited me out to a
Gasthaus and I ordered some kind of juice, or a Coke or whatever ...
both he and the waitress looked at me like I was crazy. He said, "Why
don't you get a beer?"

And I replied, "I don't like beer."

"Have you ever tried German beer?"


"Then you have never tasted beer."

He was right. I always thought it was an acquired taste, but if that
is so, then I acquired the taste in about three seconds. I still
drink beer, because I do like it now, but it sure would be nice to
have some good old Dinkelacker or Spatenbru.

So I can't work up a real good case of guilt.

Oh ... the URL:


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