What keyboard layout do you use?

Your opinion is pragmatic. I once had an idea for a color television
system that would have been far simpler and much less expensive than
the one in use. It was based on a raster color photography technology
that got left in the dust way back in the beginning of color
photography, because you couldn't get a fine enough raster with the
film of the day, to allow it to be blown up to a large image. This
was a problem with film, but it is not a problem with TV, which is a
raster itself.

It happened that the father of a friend of mine was an electronics
engineer and at the time, was the President of the Varian Corp., a
manufacturer of high tech equipment. They did the hydrogen maser for
the Apollo spacecraft.

Anyway, I got up the nerve to mention my idea at dinner one night.
He listened, asked a few questions, and then said he thought it would
actually work and might even be more economical and provide better
quality for less cost, but the problem was that Varian already owned
patents for several alternate color TV designs that were better than
the system in use and couldn't do anything with them, because the
whole world had already adopted the current technology, and changing
over would require everyone to switch, and the cost would be

But, hey, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. This is still a
relatively free country. They still let people do things like that,
as long as they don't threaten any vested interests. I once knew a
folk singer who had learned to play the guitar backward. She got her
brother's guitar out of the closet while he was away at war, put new
strings on it, and got them upside down, so the big E string was at
the bottom and the little E was at the top. She played the guitar
beautifully, but she couldn't play anyone else's guitar, and nobody
else could play hers.

So ... maybe the DVORAK system is for the militant individualist
hiding in some of us. And who knows?, maybe, if enough people walk in
and type a line of it, it will become a movement.

... dum, dum dum, dum ...
You can get anything that you want,
With the Dvorak keyboard method.