Shopping carts and M1 Abrahms tanks...

Netsville has been a pioneer n eCommerce. We developed the
very first commercially available shopping cart in the spring of
1995 just months fter the comercialization of the Internet. Etc, etc."

That's what I'm referring to when I say I invented the shopping cart.
I didn't program it. It was just my idea, because I wanted to sell
paintings online, and there was no such animal, and nobody knew what
I was talking about. There was not even a working solution for an
online merchant account. I bought two of them from Banks, and they
didn't work, and the banks could not make them work. One of them
actually told me it was vaporware, in a moment of anger. But I wasn't
a programmer and didn't have the money to hire one, so I tried to
promote one, and somebody else took it over without even a thank-

It's kind of like my old high school friend who invented the M1
Abrahms Tank, the AR-15 rifle and some other weapons after MacArthur
landed at Inchon and saved the Marines who had been surrounded an
incredible number of Chinese soldiers all with automatic weapons and
modern armor. He wrote a letter to his congressman about the old
Sherman tanks and M-1 rifles they were defending themselves against
Russian T-72's etc. It got him invited to testify before the Armed
Services Committee, and they put him in charge of Marine Corps re-
armament. Those ideas were his. He explained to the engineers what he
wanted and the government paid for it all. The difference is that he
didn't expect to make any money off it, whereas, I would have liked
to made enough so I could spend the rest of my life doing things I
wanted to do instead of things I could continue to earn a living with..