Prove Anything with Statistics

(thread about the most used web editor)

The above percentage column adds up to 144.7%. Isn't that fantastic?

You will notice that neither Dreamweaver nor GoLive are used by
enough professional web designers to have made it into the ranking.
Even Hotmetal Pro beat us.

When I worked for the Texas Highway Department, the Photography
Section I ran was curiously housed in the "Information and Statistics
Division". The head of the Statistics Section was a friend of mine.
He had a sign on the wall behind his desk that said "I CAN PROVE

I am sure there must enough people using HomeSite to finance
developing and supporting it at all, but this isn't even up to the
level of clever manipulation of facts, it is unadulterated BS, and by
the looks of it was done by someone who can't add.

So, in answer to your question, I say:

Ha, ha, ha ... that's a good one. Reminds me of all the surveys about
Comrade Clinton's job approval ratings. I got one of those one time.
Lady from some polling company phoned me up with a 30 minute survey.
I thought it would be interesting, so I agreed. As it turned out, it
was impossible to answer any question without either saying something
totally ridiculous or agreeing that Clinton was doing a fine job. All
of the questions were loaded and so were their multiple choice
answers. Every time I said "That's a loaded question, and I can't
answer it without saying something I don't believe is true", she said
"OK, I'll put you down as 'undecided'. I finally told her I wasn't
undecided at all and her poll was a fraud, and hung up.

On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong. I have never met anyone who uses
Allaire Homesite, but from the looks of the above stats, there must
be around 40 or 50 of them for every GoLive user, if you take into
account Dreamweaver and all the other little ones that are out there.