Vinyl siding

 As for the runaround to avoid one click, it seemed it might be simpler
for recipients with limited computer skills were they not asked to
launch yet another piece of software to reach the form that they need
fill in. It has been my own experience that most people can't focus
more than a few seconds, don't understand all they read in those first
few seconds anyway, asking them to click a link might overburden their
scattered attention, for the click that might appear to a small thing
to us bored geniuses with unlimited time to fill, sometimes is a wee
bit too much to ask of a manager hurrying to get done while his
assistant is clamoring at the door about some kind of emergency and
the cash register is locked up and the clerk needs the key and the
receiving guy can't get his UPC scanner to connect to the corporate
computer and wants to ask the manager what to do about it. "Click? You
want me to click here? I'm busy." (DELETE)

And sometimes the runaround pays off. I recall the time several
decades ago when I was canvassing for vinyl siding leads. I had a nice
color brochure with me to show people what it looked like and answer
their questions. One day I came to the last, paint-peeling house on
the street, where I saw a woman sweeping out her garage, so I walked
up and talked with her about vinyl siding. I showed her my brochure,
pointed out things about it so she could read them herself, and as it
was the last house of the day and I hadn't gotten any leads yet, I
spent at least fifteen minutes doing this. She looked, nodded and made
the appropriate comments, but insisted she wasn't interested, so
finally I took her at her word, said goodbye and started down the
driveway to the street.

Just as I turned down the sidewalk toward my car she said "Excuse
me, could I ask a question?"

"Of course."

"Do you do vinyl siding? I've been thinking of getting it.."

All that runaround for one little click, but the click paid my salary.