On Plagiarism and Inspiration

As for site templates, GoLive's "New Site-->Copy from Template" command is very useful for production, and came in real handy for the eCommerce Extend Script we recently completed ... and I have started storing some other tricky little implementations that took long hours to create ... like a frameset with pop-down menus in another frame, and a frameset with "sliding- sticking-slide back when another one is clicked" nav buttons. It's a great feature, and I use it.

But those are my own site templates. I never wanted someone to do it for me. I tried copying a red tailed hawk painting of Robert Bateman's once, just to learn how to do it. I reversed the direction the hawk was flying, changed the lighting, gave it a completely different background, and curved the wingtips up and spread the feathers like the wind was pushing them apart ... all to make it my own. It is framed and hanging on the wall of our kitchen because my wife thinks it's great. But it isn't mine. I tend to ignore it. Somebody asked if I'd sell it once, and I refused because even though I changed it and did every stroke, and maybe Robert Bateman himself would have trouble recognizing it, I still feel like it belongs to him. Also I would rather do it himself, even if it isn't as good. On the other hand, that's me. Since these things are available for other programs, I wonder if there is a market for them for GoLive.

If there is, and if there is money in it, I might be motivated to make some. I dont know how to do some of the technical things many of you all can do, and don't have time to learn. Even if I did have the time, I'd rather do art with it and buy the tech from the specialist. So maybe there are technical people who feel the same way about art and would be glad to pay for it.

But if so, what, please, is needed and wanted, and how much will people pay for it?