I used to be a photographer for the State of Texas, and have been in
every nick and cranny of the place. Maybe I just missed it but AFAIK
there is no river called Rio Bravo there.

The movie of that name starring John Wayne, was shot in Arizona. I think
it was in the Tucson area. You can tell that by the scenery and the big
tall cacti that is native to the Sonoran Desert, and the set which looks
a lot like the movie set they turned into a tourist attraction later on.

There is nothing in Texas that looks very much like that. West Texas is
the Chihuahua-an Desert and it looks very different.

If the movie reminds you of Lyndon Johnson, he was from Liberty County
over in East Texas. His father's will stated "...you can bury me any
place you like except in Liberty County, Texas. Johnson's wife Lady Bird
was from that area too. She owned the TV station in Austin, where I used
to play the guitar and sing now and then. I found out later it was Lady
Bug's station. The Johsons lived on a ranch along a the Pedernales River
not far from Austin.

If you mean Bush, he lived on a ranch near Crawford, where there was no
river at all, but they did have a little stream nearby called "Hog
Creek" and the old Chisholm Trail of cattle driving days, passed nearby.

I lived on the Brazos, myself. A much nicer place altogether and a real

So be careful what you say about Texas. My uncle was a Texas Ranger, and
I almost became one myself, but turned down the offer when they showed
me what they wanted me to take pictures of. Forensic photography of
murder victims, some of them not very fresh. If you want to talk about
something that was not pretty, that qualified grandly. I could never
have enjoyed eating spaghetti again.

Even so, I was sorely tempted because walls of the halls of the top
floor had a large collection of original Frederick Remington oil
paintings hung on them. I used to go there to visit my Ranger friend
just to look at them again.