Pure art?

I gave up on pure some time ago. It makes it hard to tell people what my art is. I don't like the word "mixed-media" as it sounds degrading. But what do you call something that started off as an acrylic painting based on a photograph, and went through a camera to get it into Photoshop to eliminate some extraneous and unwanted content, and add some leaves and couple of birds, one partially a photo of a bird, one drawn from memory, with the addition of a filter or two, then let Painter have at it with automatic drawing to unify it and give it a kind of quasi=painterly look, some drawing with Painter, then back to photoshop to finish up. A picture, maybe? I recall sometimes in a gallery hearing someone say, "Why that looks just like a picture." And one of them said, "Hell, If I was gonna pay that much f'r somethin' I'd wanta drive it."

So it is satisfying to be able to say, "This is an egg tempera painting", and have them nod their heads and reply knowingly, "Ohhh!" as if they know what one of those is.