Magic Markers

Humpf! Buncha young whippersnappers pulling imaginary long gray
beards to impress the kids.

Magic Markers were still ten years in the future when I started. I
remember when one of the new air brush artists in the studio found
some of them in the school supplies department at Kress, and brought
them to work, raving about them and wasting good drafting paper
demonstrating them. Of course, they were OK for school children and
beginners, but no serious professional would think of using them.

>Another point (other than crankyness about starting A New
>Thing for the 20th time) is that when you work for yourself, no one
>pays for the time you spend learning -- you do it , its necessary for
>growth and survival, but "The Boss" isn't paying the bill.

That's for sure. At least you don't have some guy who doesn't
understand peering over your shoulder all the time asking you when
it's going to be done, and promising clients impossible results. You
get to do that all by yourself, and then wonder when you are going to