Cave art and web sites

Tables were not originally intended for aesthetic use. They were
invented by people devoid of imagination to organize data on gray,
text-only pages. That is their true and correct use. It is something
like what happened to Art. It once had a practical use. Hunters drew
pictures of Mammoths and Urochs on the walls of caves to ensure the
success of the hunt, so their families could eat. Later generations
forgot, and thought the purpose was to make nice pictures, which they
hung on the walls of their houses for decoration, or even sold for
(blush) ... if you'll pardon the expression ... m____y, and with
that, they bought food for their families to eat.

A similar thing happened to the Internet. Those companies that hire
us to design websites for them are ruining the Internet, corrupting
its purpose ... and we, poor fools, are their willing, but misguided
accomplices. But be encouraged ... the cavalry is on the way ...
there are still a few patriots out there defending the purity of the
Internet and Preserving our Precious Bodily Fluids.

We are safe while they live.

... Doug