Doug is back!

No, nobody knows what's up with Doug. Doug does, but he's not
saying. It is a great mystery.

Actually, it is because the dog ate the little book where I kept my
FTP login, so I can't update the site. But melancholy? Ah ...
yes ... that is probably a reflection of the dog. He is a singer, you
see. He tries, at least, but it ends up sounding like a wolf at full
moon. He's the one that's melancholy, because he is one of those old
farm collies the way they used to look before the AKC bred them all
to look like Lassie, so it makes him a bit melancholy that he doesn't
have a needle face and twenty pounds of extra hair.

Maybe I should write a song about it. I've thought about writing
songs now and then. This might make a good start. I think I've even
got a title and first line for it ... about a dog who lives on a
watermelon farm ... "Come to me my Melon Collie ...."

...No, I guess you won't buy that. Let's see ... busy? Yes, that's
it. Busy. Also I haven't been painting in the last couple of years
because I've been busy with other things. I took a two year
sabbatical to do some of my upper Scientology levels, and am back in
good old Sacramento, California now, continuing with Solo Auditing at
home at the age of 77, enjoying life, easier to get along with, and
working on other things than that website at,
which is the one I think you are talking about ... and I keep
thinking I ought to revise it.

Art-wise, I'm doing photography now instead of painting. Digital
photography has finally caught up with film. Photography is like the
good old days again. At the moment. I have some unfinished paintings
leaning against the wall, and one on my easel, but may not finish
them because I find my aesthetic ideas have shifted, and I have an
urge to do more impressionistic paintings than the rather
photographic look realism I was doing before I got rid of all those
hang-ups during my so-called sabbatical. Well, I guess it was one.

I'm really glad to see that Mads and Rob have teamed up to fix a
glaring error in GoLive 9, by the way. I'm interested to see how much
it improves the app now, and hope it will make it possible to build
sites more easily in DotNetNuke ... which for those who have not
gotten into that area, is a Windows based Content Management system.
I just happened to connect up with a programmer who is using it. I
asked why he needed me, and he said it was because he wasn't an
artist and I am. Flattery got him a lot of credit with me.

Also, he has told me he will teach me Visual Studio. I suppose I'll
have to break down and get me a PC. That's one thing I got un-
melancholied about while doing all those Scientology courses and
counseling sessions. Using whatever works for the chore ... like a
PC. Amazing. A PC . Who would have ever thunk.

Anyway, I'm still here, or rather I'm back, have been back for a
number of months and am quietly lurking and now and then asking
questions and making comments. And I'm watching YOU, Rick, so be