CyberStudio defaults

(Response to discussion about why GoLive inserted "GoLive metatages and page titles.)

Advertising. Everybody does it. You can't buy a Ford that doesn't have
"Ford" written on it. I also have a little trouble with it in this case,
though. It is too much like having a sable brush that automatically puts
"Grumbacher" at the top of every watercolor you paint, and won't let you
replace it with your own name.

One thing you can do is after you have finished the site, open each of your
HTML pages in another program like PageSpinner or BBEdit and remove it. But
it really isn't worth the bother, and when you come down to it, I think
Golive deserves to put their name in an unobtrusive spot like the source.
After all, they did invent it the thing we are using to make nice web pages

Besides, look at the bright side. Everybody who looks at your source code
will find out what a smart guy you are for choosing the best website
authoring program. If they dont know what CyberStudio is, you can say
..."It's a Mac thing. YOU wouldn't understand!"