Don't underestimate...

Perhaps *they* think *we* are kids.

More likely *they* think *we* are too few to affect *their* bean count.

*They* might be right.

But then surprises sometimes happen. I heard about the following
surprise from a fellow who worked at the Chamber of Commerce in
Corpus Christi, Texas, when I was there one time shooting pictures
for tourist promotion, and he pointed out the two hotels to me. So
although I forget their names, I suspect it is factual.

There was a very rich woman who lived in the penthouse of the most
prestigious hotel in Corpus Christi. She had her dinner sent up to
her penthouse every evening. One evening it didn't arrive.

When she called to enquire, she was told that the staff were too busy
with a big banquet to send up her dinner that night. She replied that
if her dinner did not arrive within a specified time, she would build
a hotel across the street high enough to spit down on this one.

They didn't send up her dinner.

Something the management of that prestigious hotel did not know was
that this wealthy woman's husband had bought the the city block just
across the street just before he died, and left it to her. So she
built the hotel, and it was a more modern one and several stories
taller than the one that had failed to furnish her dinner. I don't
know if she was able to spit clear across the street, but she did get
her dinner every night, and took away most of the older hotel's
business to boot.